Celebrating recipients of the WCNR All College Awards 2021-2022

The annual Warner College’s All-College Awards banquet for the academic year 2021-2022 was held on April 18 at the Lory Student Center Theater.

At this year’s awards reception, the College Leadership was pleased to surprise Dean John Hayes with the creation of a new College award, the John P. Hayes Leadership Award, in recognition of Dean Hayes’ service as the College’s leader these past seven plus years. This award, available to any member of the College, student, faculty, or staff, will be given for the first time in 2023.

View more information about and photos of winners here. Below are the awardees:

College Awards

  • Warner College Outstanding Service Award – Dr. Kevin Bestgen
  • Warner College Teamsmanship Award – Dr. Randy Boone
  • Warner College Team Award – WCNR Technology Services Team
  • Warner College Diversity and Inclusion Award – Tiara Marshall
  • Robert Davis Honor Senior Memorial Award – Diego Tovar
  • Outstanding Master’s Thesis Award – Audrey Harris
  • Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award – Jenna Parker
  • Outstanding Teaching Assistant – Megan Sears
  • Outstanding Administrative Staff Award – Kim Samsel
  • Outstanding Research Support Award – Dr. Maosi Chen
  • Harry E. Troxell Distinguished Service-to-Students Faculty Award – Dr. Wilfred Previant
  • Outstanding Mentorship Award – Dr. Mike Ronayne
  • Outstanding Research Impact Award – Dr. Daniel McGrath
  • Dean’s Award for Excellence to an Early Career Faculty Member – Dr. Jon Salerno
  • Warner College Emeritus Faculty Award – Dr. Kurt Fausch


Department Awards

  • HDNR J.V.K. Wagar Honor Seniors – Alex Eiler, Lexi Orgill, Emma Thompson
  • ESS Davis A. Falletti Memorial Award – Megan Sears
  • ESS Eldor Paul Award – Kaydee Barker
  • FRS Rangeland Ecosystem Science Outstanding Senior Award – Gabriela Szyniec
  • FRS Forest Sciences Outstanding Senior Award – Emma Enebo
  • FRS Natural Resources Management Outstanding Senior Award – Hannah Hatheway
  • FRS Restoration Ecology Outstanding Senior Award – Maddie Wilson
  • GEO Honor Senior – Julie Spawn
  • FWCB Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences Outstanding Senior Award – Ryan Snell
  • FWCB Conservation Biology Outstanding Senior Award – Ayaka Paul
  • FWCB Wildlife Biology Outstanding Senior Award – Becky Barbier


Outstanding Publications

  • GEO – Dr. Sean F. Gallen, “Reassessing Eastern Mediterranean Tectonics and Earthquake Hazard From the 365 CE Earthquake”
  • ESS – Dr. Daniela F. Cusack, “Reducing Climate Impacts of Beef Production: A Synthesis of Life Cycle Assessments Across Management Systems and Global Regions”
  • HDNR – Dr. Jon Salerno, “Wildlife Impacts and changing climate pose compounding threats to human food security”
  • FWCB – Dr. Lise M. Aubry and Dr. Theresa M. Laverty, “Impacts of COVID-19 on ecology and evolutionary biology faculty in the United States”
  • FRS – Dr. Camille Stevens-Rumann, “Wildfire driven forest conversion in western North American landscapes”
  • NREL – Dr. Robert Woodmansee, Dr. John C. Moore, Dr. Dennis Ojima, and Laurie Richards, Natural Resource Management Reimagined: Using the systems ecology paradigm


College Council Awards

  • Instructor of the Year – Elizabeth Tulanowski
  • ESS Outstanding Student – Daria Ahrens
  • FRS Outstanding Student – Emma Halaburt
  • FWCB Outstanding Student – Remi Pattyn
  • GEO Outstanding Student – Kajsa Holland-Goon
  • HDNR Outstanding Student – Emily Burns
  • Wookie Warner Award – Shannon Iral
  • Wilderness Warner Award – Nate Sievers
  • Walks-the-talk Warner Award – Valerie Carroll