Center for Collaborative Conservation welcomes new fellows

The Collaborative Conservation Fellows Program is excited to welcome a new cohort. Team members are set to begin work in early 2018. The two-year fellowships support graduate students, faculty, and practitioners working on conservation and livelihoods issues using collaborative methods around the world.

Cohort 9 includes five teams implementing projects in Ethiopia, Mongolia, Kenya, and the United States (Colorado). The fellows will begin their work with the CCC in January, and they will attend their first training retreat in February.

Meet Cohort 9 

  • Engaging the collaborative capital of Lion Guardians to reduce lost livestock in MaasailandsKevin Jablonski, PhD student in FRS-WCNR and Phillip Briggs, Lion Guardians
  • Mongolian Sustainable Rangeland Collaborative. Dr. Cynthia Brown, Professor & Associate Head of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management at CSU and Dr. Bulgamaa Densambuu, Researcher at the National Federation of Pasture User Groups, Mongolia
  • 2-3-2 Community Biomass Enterprise Development. Tim Reader, Colorado State Forest Service and Randy Johnson, President of the Mondo Business Group
  • Collaborative Conservation in Action: Working with Locals and Coffee to Promote Conservation and Resilient Livelihoods around Bale Mountains National Park, Ethiopia. Bethlehem Astella, PhD student in HDNR-WCNR and Zerayehu Endalew, Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Program and Konjo Coffee
  • Using Collaborative Modelling to Understand and Manage Shrub Encroachment in the Ethiopian Highlands. Cara Steger, PhD student in GDPE and Admassu Getaneh, Guassa Conservation Office, Ethiopia

To learn more about the fellows and their work, visit the Cohort 9 project page.

Questions about the fellows or program? Contact: Kim Skyelander,