Dean Hayes: ‘Welcome back, Rams’

Welcome back, Rams.

In the face of the uncertainty, we encounter so many things. I can say one thing without reservation – our community embraces you. We are excited that you are part of that community, and we are here to support you as you navigate this unique semester.

I’ve found that your choice to join Colorado State University generally says something about who you are and what drives you as an individual. From all of my interactions here at CSU, I’ve learned that an underlying question tends to drive all that Rams do: “In the face of challenges, how can we increase our personal impact, create a stronger community, and build a healthier planet?”

John Hayes is dean of the Warner College of Natural Resources.

You’ve started answering that question by choosing to join the students at CSU in the quest of earning a degree and gaining the skills you’ll need and use for the rest of your life. This semester, we’ll be working with you to answer that question by taking care of ourselves and each other and digging in together to make the semester a success.

While the near-term future is filled with uncertainty, this too will pass. The day when you will walk across the stage to receive your college diploma will come surprisingly quickly, and your effort and perseverance will have a lifetime payoff.


Best of luck, Rams.


John Hayes

Dean, Warner College of Natural Resources