Tune Into Nature podcast: Restoration ecology, an emphasis on the future

WCNR researcher Mark Paschke
WCNR researcher Mark Paschke chats with the Tune Into Nature podcast.

“The Restoration Ecology major is all about giving back rather than taking from nature, which is pretty cool,” said Mark Paschke, professor of restoration ecology in the Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Department at Colorado State University in the most recent episode of Tune Into Nature, a Warner College of Natural Resources podcast.

Following the recovery of the Cameron Peak Fire,  Paschke reflects on his experience in research and the importance of restoration to our ecosystems with podcast hosts and Warner College students Becky Barbier and Kelley Sinning. The chat includes his experience with mine land reclamation, soil studies and nitrogen-fixing shrub studies.

Learn more about the Restoration Ecology major to address the challenges of healing damaged lands and giving back to our natural world.  

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