Tune Into Nature podcast: Warner College plants the seed with Troy Ocheltree 

Troy Ocheltree
Tune Into Nature guest, Troy Ocheltree.

As an eco-physiologist, Troy Ocheltree’s research focuses on how different plants respond to the changes in their environment, specifically their response to drought and tolerance to fire.  

“I’m most interested in trying to push plants to their extreme and figure out what it takes to cross that threshold between a live plant and a dead plant,” said Ocheltree, assistant professor in the Forest and Rangeland Stewardship Department at CSU, in an episode of the Warner College podcast Tune Into Nature hosted by WCNR students Becky Barbier and Kelley Sinning.  

Listen in as Ocheltree explains how plants can be more resilient in touch climate times.  

Tune Into Nature is a Warner College podcast hosted by students, for students to share stories about the college’s close-knit community—a community passionate about making a positive impact on the environment. Hear from faculty, staff, and students about their experience in natural resources in Warner College’s own podcast, Tune Into Nature.