Video: Colorado State Forest Service Nursery helps restore state forests

Video by Ron Bend, CSU

After a devastating 2020 wildfire season, the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) nursery continues to grow tree seedlings that will be used in reforestation efforts, a good reminder of just how important forests are to Colorado. Nursery staff – with help from students at Colorado State University – grow up to 100,000 seedlings each year.

Students from the Warner College of Natural Resources at CSU play an integral part in caring for these seedlings, putting into practice skills they are learning in undergraduate programs such as forest and rangeland stewardship. Most of these seedlings will be delivered to private landowners, along with some agencies including Larimer County parks and open spaces and state wildlife areas and parks.

Trees help protect watersheds, stabilize the soil and keep clean water flowing into streams. Growing tree seedlings for use in replanting and conservation projects help the CSFS and Warner College steward efforts to preserve Colorado forests for present and future generations to enjoy.

The Colorado State Forest Service is part of the Warner College of Natural Resources.