Mo’olelo Pōkole – Learning Hawaiian Through Story

With a love for writing, conservation and language Mya Hunter has woven her collection of experiences growing up on O’ahu into her new book. Mo’olelo Pōkole, a collection of short stories, weaves indigenous language, history and culture with an intention of conserving them along with the ecology that sustained her ancestors for generations.

Moʻolelo Pōkole: Learning Hawaiian Through Story is more than just a list of common Hawaiian words to be memorized; it is an engaging entry into Hawaiian via the medium of narrative. It introduces readers to nearly 150 well-known vocabulary words and, in addition, offers an interesting perspective on personal encounters with numerous people throughout the island chain. Using a “narrative domains” approach, this volume strives to help readers internalize Hawaiian and provide them with a beginner’s vocabulary that will aid them in reading, writing, speaking, and understanding various parts of the language.

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Hunter is a Sophomore studying Human Dimensions of Natural Resources and hopes to take the knowledge learned at CSU back to her home to build bridges between groups to further conservation successes. Besides writing books and being an exemplary student she also aids HDNR faculty member Rebecca Gruby with qualitative research on the marine protected areas of Fiji and Palau.